How to ... the smoking man?

The incense burning smoker provides your home with a warm and romantic atmosphere by its pleasant smells and its cosy appearance.  Whether a Santa Claus, craftsman or a Grandpa - a smoker simply belongs to the typically German Christmas.

A perfect gift for your friends, colleagues and your family.  Ask for a demonstration by a visit in our store..


  1. Unmount the upper section of the lower part.
  2. Place a smoking candle on the brass plate and ignite the smoking candle.
  3. While the smoking candle smokes, remount the upper section. Now the smoke finds its way to the opened mouth of the smoking man.

How to ... the pyramid?

The pyramids are traditional handicrafted products for the German Christmas. For generations they have been manufactured in the "Erzgebirge" (Ore Mountains) in careful, affectionate manual work.


Here is a quick guide fo the use of the pyramids:


  1. Carefully unpack all pyramid parts.
  2. Remove cardboard packing material from the drive wheel, while holding the pyramid axle and slowly placing in on the glass bearing. 
  3. A drop of resin-free oil in the glass socket will assure good performance. 
  4. Assemble blade wheel and attach it carefully to the axle.
  5. Blades should be adjusted an angle of about 30 degrees; keep in mind the turning direction of the blade wheel.
  6. Do not leave the pyramid unattended while candles are lit.
  7. Make sure candles are firmly in place.
  8. Do not allow little children to play with the pyramid.

Please do not forget to order the special candles for the pyramid! (available colours: nature, red, white)



How to...the cuckoo clock?

Unpack with care. Hold the clock when taking out of the carton not at the carving but at the roof. Examine the different parts with list of content:

  • 1) Cuckoo Clock
  • 2) Head piece with bird or
  • 2a) Head piece with deer head and 2 horns
  • 3) Pendulum
  • 4) 2 weights for cuckoo or 3 weights for cuckoo with music

Black Forest or Swiss House or Mill styled Cuckoo Clocks do not have any head pieces as indicated under number 2) or 2a).

Open the back wall and take out the paper put through the tonespring (5). Then remove both wire-clamps pull out (6) at the cuckoo pipes. The back-wall can then be replaced. Be carefull not to bend any wire in the clock. Put carved headpiece on the top of the clock (2, 2a). Fix the nail to the wall, about 6.5 ft. from the floor or higher sloping slighly and 4/5 inch sticking out (11). Place the clock into correct vertical position, close to the wall (10).

Open the wire-bow which locks the door (7) at clocks with music 2 doors.

The clock should suspend from the wall in order to avoid the chains from slipping off the chain-wheels. Then open the small parcel (8) underneath the clock in which the chains are bound together and remove the wire pulled through. Mind that the chains are not knotted.

Hereafter hook the pendulum into the pendulum-guide (9) and the wheights into the chainhooks.

Herewith the clock is put in service. Mind that the clock is suspended on the wall straightly and its ticking proportionable. It is essential that the pendulum-guide (9) does not touch the slit of the case.

When setting the time, the taller-hand (minute-hand) can be moved accross the half and full hour marks without awaiting the strikes. Do never move the hourband!

If you want the clock to strike the full hour. move the minute-hand slowly 5 minutes before reaching the hour mark.

If the temperature is low take attention that the clock is suspected in a tempered room so that the pipes of the cuckoo will respond fully.

If the clock is fast remove the pendulum (3) and push the pendulum-disc a little down, is the clock slow a little up.

If one of the weights is dropping down upon hooking in the chain then the chain has dropped from the chain-wheel. You can return it again yourself if the other weights are fully wound up and then hooked off. Hereafter turn the clock completely topsyturvy and the chain is again adjusted in the chain-wheel. Do not use violent measures.

Important: Winding: The clock is wound by pulling the round ring on the end of the chain downward, thereby raising the pine cone weight up to the clock. One chain winds clock, the other chain winds cuckoo bird mechanism and the third winds the music movement. When pine cone weights have drawn to the top, the clock will operate for one day without rewinding.

Silent Lever: Most cuckoo clocks have a "silent" lever on the side or bottom of the case. Place the lever in the "on" position if you want your clock to "cuckoo" and play music (on models so equipped). In the "silent" or "off" position, both cuckoo and music are silenced. A void placing the lever on "silent" as the cuckoo is sounding; you may, however, move the lever to "on" at any time.


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