Welcome to the Nutcracker House


The Nutcracker House is located for over 15 years in the romantic Old Town of Cologne and the oldest house for famous traditional German woodcraft. In our store we present you over 80 different craftsmen from the eastern, south-western and southern part of Germany.


We attach great importance to distinguish from conventional souvenir stores. (We do not sell any beer mugs, beanie babies, soft toys or other kind of souvenirs.)


Most of our craftsmen work alone and every part is crafted with care and in detail and they do not craft mass-produced articles so that the delivery time can be higher than expected. We kindly ask you to keep that in mind for your Christmas orders and purchase as early as possible. Otherwise we ca not assure a punctual delivery before Christmas.


We are looking forward to possibly meeting you here on one of the most romantic streets of Cologne.